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  1. Luminex by PowerSpa 7-color 24-setting

A dual shower head is a combination of two shower heads. This offers better showering experience, allowing you to be flexible when having a shower. Besides, it is convenient for those who have pets since most of them feature handheld shower heads.

There are two main types of dual shower heads; fixed dual shower heads and dual shower heads with handheld shower.

Benefits of having a dual shower head;

  • A dual shower head offers you more coverage for better cleaning
  • It is convenient for quick shower
  • Dual shower heads offer more water pressure compared to other types of shower heads
  • Even in situations of low water pressure these shower heads work amazing
  • For couples, dual shower heads are great when showering together
  • Dual shower heads offer a variety of showering options

Disadvantages of dual shower heads

  • The only turnoff about dual shower heads is the price. Remember this is a two-in-one shower head which means they are expensive compared to other single-faced shower heads

What to consider before settling on a specific dual shower head;

  • Settings. Most of these advanced dual shower heads have a variety of settings to better your shower experience. You need to take it into consideration.
  • Water Pressure. Dual shower heads have huge water pressure, which is enough. This is another factor you need to check.
  • Does the design/make of the dual shower head match with the rest of the fixtures in your bathroom? This will complement the decor of your bathroom. Different shower heads come with different designs and finishes like nickel, chrome and bronze, which will add flair to your bathroom.
  • Construction quality. Any dual shower head must be sturdy. You do not want a shower head that will break down after weeks of use.
  • Now, we already said that the price for dual shower heads is quite high. However, you should compare the prices across a variety of dual shower heads and settle on what your pocket is comfortable with.

Here are some of the best dual shower heads in the market right now;

  1. Our Best Dual Shower Head: Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-setting

  • Hydroluxe Full-Chrome 24 Function Ultra Dual Shower Head
  • When it comes to design and quality build, Hydroluxe is the best, a high-end accessory to your bathroom. This stylish, classy,powerful dual shower head is attractive, well-built and a cheap option to accessorise your bathroom. There are two shower heads in this combo; the 5-full setting high power shower head and the hand held shower head.  You can use each of these heads separately or together.

    Hydroluxe full-chrome can offer you power rain, massage, mist, warmand many more showering experiences. With a 4-inch wide face, this is more than wide enough. It has 24 different flow patterns (you can use them separately or combined), and there are 5 settings for the water pressure. The five settings include Power Rain, massage, Water-saving economy rain , stay-warm mist and pause.

    The dual heads also come with a 5-foot-long strong and flexible stainless steel shower hose. This hose connects to the handheld shower, allowing you to move the head around the bathroom with ease.

    Apart from the power settings, the combo also has some eco-friendly settings which will help you save water without having to compromise the water pressure.  Hydroluxe has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm but activating one of the eco-friendly settings reduces the flow rate by 1 gpm.

    Clearly, a modern design wasn’t the only consideration by the manufacturer but was the main focus. Both showers have a nice chrome finish and a rub-clean jets. Between them is a patented 3-way water diverter which has an anti-swivel lock nut. The water diverter is used to channel water to the shower head you want to use.

    The whole package comes with the super-flexible stainless steel hose, conical brass hose nuts to help you easily hand-tighten them and a Teflon tape. You do not need tools to install this.

    A limited ten year warranty comes in handy.

    What we liked about this shower head;

    • The turning dial on the fixed head is a bit rigid
    • The pressure is unimpressive, until you remove the water restrictor
    • It is easy to install
    • It is made of hardened plastic, which is one of the sturdiest materials
    • The hose that comes with this shower combo is sturdy stainless steel
    • Exciting different water patterns give you a breath-taking experience
    • Has a water-saving feature
    • The design and quality of this shower combo assures you of longevity

    What we did not like;

    • The turning on the fixed shower head is a bit rigid
    • The flow restrictors affected the quality of the jets
    1. Mariner 2 Combination Shower head system

    Perhaps the most convenient dual shower combo in this list, Marine 2 offers you great versatility and relaxation.  It combines the relaxation of a traditional shower head and the convenience of a handheld shower head. It has a wall-mounted shower head and a handheld shower head. Both of the shower heads are made of durable metal, with an oil-rubbed bronze finish that adds so much flair to the shower head.

    The bronze finish looks great in most bathroom. While the handheld shower head is attached to an adjustable heavy duty 24-inch solid durable bar, it has a 69” stainless steel shower hose that you can use to slide it up or down, to whatever position you prefer. By the way, both of these shower heads are adjustable to three positions. To move water from wall-mounted shower head to the handheld shower head, the combo has a diverter valve. Both heads can tilt in any direction and you can slide the hand held shower head up or down the 24-inch solid bar.

    Each head has three different settings.

    What we liked about this shower head;

    • This combo is largely made of metal, hence it is strong and durable
    • With the sliding bar and the long hose, this shower head combo is the most convenient as it allows movement
    • Both shower heads in this system can be tilted in any direction
    • The oiled bronze finish is one of a kind, beautiful and adds glamour to your bathroom

    What we did not like about it;

    • You can’t use both of the shower heads at once, each is used separately not unless you separately buy a diverter
    • Installing this shower head combination isn’t easy
    • It is relatively expensive compared to other dual shower heads
    1. HotelSpa 30-Setting Ultra-Luxury 3 Way

    This is another great dual shower head that you can you can acquire at a very low price. Comprising of a 3-way multi-function rain shower head and a handheld shower head, this shower head combo gives you a choice of 30, full and combined water flow patterns. The system includes a six-inch wide rain shower head, a four-inch handheld shower head, a patented 3-way water diverter with an anti-swivel lock-nut, an Angle-adjustable overhead bracket, a 5-foot stainless steel shower hose and a Teflon tape to help in installation. Each of the two shower heads has six settings.

    The settings on each shower head include Power Rain, Hydrating Mist, Pulsating massage, Rain/Mist, Rain/massage and water-saving economy rain. It also has a high-power spiralflo dial design and a 3-zone click lever dial with touch-clean jets.

    Both shower heads can be used together or separately, depending on how you would like your shower to be, as well as it supports couples to shower at the same time. The overhead bracket too is adjustable and the accompanying shower hose super-flexible. The hose comes with conical brass hose nuts that you can use to hand tighten the shower combo with ease.

    You do not need any tool to install this shower combo, it is easy. You can connect it to any standard shower arm in minutes. Hotelspa shower combo has a flow rate of 2.5 gpm. Made of high-grade chrome plated Abs and stainless steel, it comes in different colours; chrome, grey or silver and has a chrome finish.

    Hotelspa comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

    What we liked about this shower combo;

    • Each of the two shower heads has six settings, something that gives you a variety
    • Both shower heads are wide
    • The shower heads’ rubber rub-clean jets are easy to clean
    • The package includes a super-flexible, 5-foot-long stainless steel hose
    • There are more than 30 full and combined water flow patterns
    • The overhead bracket is adjustable
    • Easy to install, with the help of hose nuts and no other tool.
    • Comes with a lifetime limited warranty
    • It is relatively cheap, compared to other dual shower heads of similar quality
    • Great pressure from the precision spiralflo design

    What we didn’t like about this dual shower head;

    • Some customers complained that it leaked after a few weeks of use
    • Being made of plastic, there are worries about its quality and light weight
    • Awkward positioning of that knob used to change between using one or both heads
    1. Neptune Dual Shower Heads

    If you do not want a dual shower head consisting of a handheld shower head, then this is your ultimate best pick. Made of only fixed ran shower heads, this dual shower combination is 100% crafted from metal, providing you with one durable shower head combo to last years. Its sleek styling and the chrome design makes it an awesome choice for any bathroom.

    The two heads swivel separately on a ball joint, allowing you to adjust each of them whichever way you like, although they are held in place by a solid brass shower head manifold. The rubber spray tips are easy to clean so that it keeps the water flowing. Both heads are made of brass with a beautiful long-lasting chrome finish.

    You get to enjoy a 3-position spray pattern from the two shower heads, with the water being full-blast high pressure. The high water pressure can be switched to a softer soothing spray. Uou also get thread sealing tape when you buy the Neptune dual shower heads.

    What we liked about this dual shower head;

    • Neptune dual shower head combo is easy to install
    • That chrome finish is intended to last for years
    • It can fit all standard shower arms
    • The solid brass manifold holding the two shower heads is strong and won’t crack

    What we did not like about this shower head;

    • Lack of a handheld shower head deprives it of an important feature, renders it immobile hence no versatility in use
    • Both heads have small diameters hence low coverage during shower time compasred to other shower heads
    • It requires high water pressure, so if you have low pressure you might not experience the full luxury of this dual shower head

    A high quality shower head will give you an amazing, different type of shower. And if you like pomp and color, flair and beauty in your bathroom to accompany a great shower session, then Luminex by PowerSpa 7-Color 24-setting is the best. This is a shower head combination meant to kill the boredom that showers usually are.

    The above five dual shower heads are the best, and if you really are looking for a dual shower head that will prove value for your money, then you need to consider any of the above. Let your consideration be guided by what you love. If you like a dual shower head with only fixed shower heads, go for Neptune chrome shower heads combination. If you want a versatile combination, Mariner is for you.

    So what are you waiting for, rush and grab that dual shower head that you feel suits you!